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Dollikin Fun Pages

In The Beginning....
1957 Lotus Blossom
1958 Miss Dollikin
1959 Dollikin
1959 Dollikin Plaid Versions
1960 Miss Dollikin
1960 Dollikin Ballerina
1960 Dollikin and Baby
1961 Dollikin Ballerina
1961 Dollikin Oriental
1962 Miss Twist
1962 Miss Dollikin
1963 Dollikin Oriental
1963 Dollikin Mommy and Baby
The Pink Ballerina
The Faces of the 2s Girls
Now the Girls Show You How to Play
Fashions for the Girls
Creations by Beate
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Ok, this site is for the Boomers, and their age bracket, and the fun we all have playing dolls.  Remember, we didn't have to grow up fast, we didn't have to wear lipstick at 12, or high heels at 13...although some of us probably did. 
What we did do, was sit in the bedroom, or living room, with the kids from around the block, and our favorite dolls...yes...dolls, and play with them.  They "talked" to us, to each other.  We held them in our hands, changed clothes on them.
Some of us sat at our Mom's sewing machines and learned to sew outfits for them.  You could get the pattern for 35 cents, and the fabric wasn't much more per yard.  Or you could use the scraps from the latest outfit your Mom just sewed.
We had imaginations, and we played.
And then we grew up, we put our dolls on the shelves, or our younger siblings managed to get their hands on them, and they were given rougher treatment than we were allowed.
We had to play carefully, and not be that my Mom in the back of my head...???
Finally, after our own children, and aging parents, we found our dolls again.  We brought them home, they went back on our shelves, and once again, we could "hear" those dolls saying 'play with me', I want to play.





So, us aging boomers, the ones that used to streak their hair with highlights, to be mod...and are now coloring it to hide the streaks, are hitting their "second childhood".  We're playing dolls again, and our imaginations are just as good, our skills are a bit better. And now, we almost have the money to buy our dolls that we looked at in the window so long ago, the ones that said "come get me". Now we don't have to hear the parents that said, "No, we can't afford it", while we sadly waved "bye" at them.
Now, we can show our talents, while our friends look at us like we've lost a bolt or two, and then ooh and aah at our pretty girls. They're jealous, they don't have the "fun" we're having. They don't have the friends that stop in at the house with their latest doll, and sit down and play.  They don't tear the internet apart looking for the picture or outfit from a long ago memory.
This album shows the beginnings of our Dollikin, and the fun we have now.


Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!