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Betty the Bride and Sweet Rosemary

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Betty the Bride and her Bridesmaid, Sweet Rosemary
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These are all of my Deluxe Reading Children..on the far left, Gale, Debbie- in Pink dress. Betty on the top, and Rosemary beside her, Debbie- in Blue dress, Cinderella, and Debbie- in Lavender dress front center. Now a different variation is probably out there waiting to be discovered.

This is Deluxe Reading's Betty the Bride, with her bridesmaid, Rosemary. You found them originally in the 50's in the grocery stores, where little girls would tug at Mom's dress, and point wanting that doll



Now I was more picky, I wanted the display doll in the triangle box in the front of the store...and here she is...still gorgeous after all these years. She has on a larger veil than what she came with to protect her from dust. Her original veil is shoulder length.


Kathy Barna has self-published a book containing many pictures of my private collection of Deluxe Reading dolls.  To see them for yourselves, as well as her fabulous Revlon and Revlon knock-off dolls, click on the link to order your own copy.  Prices at this time are $35 plus shipping.


To Order Your Copy of Kathy's Book Click Here to Contact Her


Here is a closer picture of Betty. She didn't have on her elbow length gloves for the picture that day.


This is probably what your box looked like for that Christmas.


I have found her in two variations, one with firey red hair. Click on the picture for a closeup of their faces.
The verbage on the tag for Betty is basically the same as it is for the Rosemary tag.You are now the proud owner of Betty, "America's Most Lovable Doll"
designed by De Luxe Toy Creations.



Her exquisite clothes were created by one of America's foremost fashion

Betty is made in life-like detail of the finest quality materials, Here
are some of her other distinguishing features.....

2 page flap inside:


Wearing the most exquisite bridal gown ever designed!

Entire doll made of:

Soft Miracle Vinyl
Bending Arms and Legs
Washable Saran Hair
High Heel Shoes
Approx.: 30" Tall
Complete with:

Bridal Bouquet - Simulated Pearl Necklace - Colorful Wall Plaque - Bing
Crosby's Recording of Because.

Next flap folded once over that 2 pager flap:


Your doll has been designed so that you may enjoy her in every way.

Simply by bending her forward from a sitting position and by pressing at
the base of her back, she will sit by herself. (This was all

Now you doll can give you pleasure not only for her play value, but she
is also the Most Beautiful decorative item ever created.

Many thanks to Kathy for lending me all the verbage and the photo of her Betty the Bride's tag.






Here is a picture of the original display case for my bride doll. Picture is complements of Pam Wilson...thanks Pam.



Both Rosemary and Betty came with basically the same accessories for their dresses. Pictured is the one for Betty, but they include a three strand choker necklace, for Betty, there are no earrings, or holes in her ears for them, but for Rosemary, she has pear shaped pearl dangle earrings. There was also included a multi-layered pearl hair accessory, although my bride doll did not have one. Both girls wore white high-heels, with a medalian that looks like rhinestones on it, with either a wide rubber band, or a piece of silver elastic.

Both the soft Betty and this type Betty came with the Bing Crosby record "Because" and a cardboard plaque that looked like a stained glass window.



Here is a Sweet Rosemary in her original case. I recovered the doll about 60 miles from me and sent her to a new home in Mt. The new owner had one originally in the display case, but it had been misplaced. The doll had to be taken from the case, the case collapsed, and sent separately to her. She had to put everything back together. The doll was in remarkable shape, for standing around for 40+ years. And she is really appreciated in her new home.



Here is another display that showed up on ebay. It's actually just the exact opposite of the Darling Debbie display that I have on that section. Deluxe Reading was sharp...great merchandise variance for the same doll and the same dresses. Thanks to Nancy for loaning me her pictures.

Here is my gorgeousred-haired Betty that I picked up, she's showing off the designer shoes that I made for her, even though she had her originals.  Just look at that fantastic red hair.  I have one in the soft bodied version also, if you want to look at her.  These do not look as though the hair has changed color, I think they were that color originally.  She was not in the correct box when I got her, so I can't tell by the box what the markings should have been, whether for a red-haired doll, or the strawberry blonde versions.

Hello, Ladies :
  I have received pictures from a fantastic seamstress, named Karen, who is working on creating the patterns for the Betty the Bride and Rosemary dolls, and with some editing, for the other girls also, depending on the fabric used.  She has decided to offer a copy of the pattern that she has fashioned to others that need them.
  You can contact her at    If you are not seamstresses, she will be glad to fashion you a dress for your Deluxe Reading or Manco dolls, to recreate that memory you may have as a child.  Her rate that has been quoted to me is more than reasonable for the time she has spent on these FANTASTIC dresses. 
  You see, girls, you were not forgotton, just waiting for when the time was right.  After you have your patterns, and fashions completed, contact me for the jewelry and shoes for your girls.

Click on the picture for the back view of this gorgeous creation.