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The Grannykins Dolls

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These dolls were put out by the Royal and Jolly Companies in  the late fifties and early 60's. I have two different scraps of paper that say they were supposed to be the Grandmother for the Revlon series. If you have more information on them, please let me know.


Shown here are the four Granny dolls that I have accumulated. Notice that two of them have bangs, and two have Widow's peaks. Also notice that those two seem to be in a more traditional frontier dress, compared to the more modern dress of the ones on the left side of the picture.
Shown below is one of the young girls that I made a dress for, with her "grandmas".



Thanks to Susan for the use of her pictures and the verbage on the Grannykin's doll. Here for you to enjoy is the verse on the front of her doll box.Grannykins' box is in sad shape though it still is with her. It is flattened and in pieces but has her name "Grannykins" along with her poem on the top:

"With bouncing curl and flirting eye
With laughing love and spirits high
She rules the world with an iron hand
In a way only Granny can understand
For Granny's girl is her special love
A treasure sent from heaven above
A breath of Spring on a winter's day
To gladden the heart as sadness melts away
And so tied in Spirit, the young and near old
Cast a vision of pure joy for us to behold
We pray the Lord grant them many a day
To love and be loved in their own special way
For each little girl and her Granny so dear
We've molded with pride the doll shown here
As a symbol of love to have and to hold
An image of Granny quite young, though near old.

ROYAL DOLL Mfg. Co., Inc.

One side of the box has the label which shows her as having the name "Karen" and "Royal Doll" along with the original price tag which was sold at a discount from the original price

GRANNYKINS, a vintage (1950's/60's) doll made by the Royal Doll Manufacturing Company, New York, N.Y. is a 20 inch vinyl doll.


This Granny is the first one that I bought on ebay. When she arrived, I thought her dress was brown. Needless to say, it hit the sink with some detergent, and shocked the ...out of me. It was BURGANDY!! The top is a black velveteen with burgandy ribbon trim around the sleeves, and a silky satin full circle attatched underslip. I don't know what the top matterial is, but it is a flocked type stripe in tan and burgandy stripes with a few of the sparkles left on the dress from the washing. She also has bangs with her hairdo, and a bun in the back. She also has thigh high nylons and 50's high heeled shoes.
Her eyes are what will capture you, since they are a gold. They shine in the pictures, it is not a flaw, that is their color.




This Granny has shock white hair, not a trace of darkness or yellow in it. She is wearing a houndstooth print centennial-type dres, with white organdy apron, and black satin ribbon trim. It is topped off with a white organdy night-cap trimed with the same lace as on the apron. She is wearing black high heels.
Notice that she also has a widow's peak hairline and may be one of the Jolly dolls.



Thanks to seller Valerie from ebay, she has graciously loaned me her pictures of the Granny doll she had at one time. Look at this beautiful blue dress and the fingerless gloves. This Granny is one of the more modern ones with the bangs. She is surely a knockout. Click on the pictures for closeups of the doll and her face.



Here is my minty Pink dressed Grannikins, with her original tag.  Looks as though her name is "Rose"?



For more Grannies, click this Link


This is "Karen". This Granny doll is wearing a more tranditional dress from the 50's. Her dress is a heavy lace top with tule attatched to the bottom of the bodice, over a taffeta half slip, with strapless bodice. She has this bustle in the back that snaps on either side of the waist-line in the back. She is wearing thigh high nylons, with gold straped fifties shoes.
She has green eyes, and although her hair is in a bun in the back like the other Grannys, she has bangs in the front instead of it being pulled back.
I added glasses, it just looked more like a "Grandma".




S Jeffrey had this doll with what they thought was an original hat...wish I had a clearer picture, but this will do for now.
Thanks for loaning out your pic.



Here is one of the Granny dolls. She is wearing a burgandy taffeta dress with french blue velour ribbon trim, and a straw hat with the same trim for the ribbon and trimmed with paper flowers around the brim. She has an attatched crinoline slip with thigh-high nylons and black heels. She came with a handmade label that says that it was a Christmas gift in 1960.
Her hair is black and silver--salt and pepper with a widow's peak and a bun in the back. Also there is a picture with her "sister" in the reverse colors. She has the blue with burgandy trim, same type of fabric, but she came with glasses.  Click to see her in her box with the Jolly label.



Diane sent in pictures of her new Grannikins doll.  Notice that this dress is more aqua in color than my other two girl's dresses.  The one to the left is definitely blue, and corresponding click pictures, show it as blue, while this has more greens in it.  Diane jazzed it up with a fancy pin, and if you click on it, you'll see that she's warm in her new fur jacket.
Thanks Diane


Here is Grandpa's mint box. On the outside it says in black handwritting Grandfather, R87-1802 for the lot number, made by the Royal House of Dolls. Nice!!


Well, you can see that I found a Grandpa, for all these grannies, and you can sure tell by the smile on his face, he is one happy feller. He was also made by Royal, and came MIB. This guy has never been out, and as a wholesome bachelor, he is really up to his ears in available women. So, really enjoy, senior citizen, you'll have your hands full.