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HInts from the Experienced

Below is the text of an email the buyer for my Revlon sent me concerning another doll she had bought. It brings up some good concerns about shipping. I thought you might want to share these shipping hazards with some of your friends or post them on your site under "shipping don'ts".

Regarding this MIB Revlon doll I purchsed on your ebay auction, you mentioned that there are a few green spots on her neck from the necklace.  Could you tell me if the spots are very noticeable or they in the back behind her hair?  Also, if you have not packed her up yet, please remove the necklace and put it in a ziplock bag or something and put it inside with her separately.  Sometimes, if you leave these on the doll, it can create more green spots, especially with humidity.  Vinyl will sometimes bleed or sweat and with that can get ugly.

Just to tune you in to my thoughts.   I won another MIB Revlon on ebay right before I won yours.  The auction did not mention any flaws...when I got her today and opened the box...her neck was dripping with green and green was getting on the neckline of her dress.  This was supposed to be a MIB never played new doll.  There was a plastic bag tied around her neck and the necklace was the metal kind with rhinestones and it was all corroded and green.  I emailed the seller and hope to get my $400 back.  Boy, this is about to do me in.  You have to be real careful these days when buying supposedly MIB dolls.  I would never have bid up to $400 on a doll with such problems.
Anyway, I will let you know when I receive the Revlon doll and hope like heck her neck isn't too green...ha ha!!

Thanks for the heads up.  I actually had her packed for shipping. I opened her and took off the necklace and put it in a seperate bag. I had already put the tags in a seperate bag also. As in my description, there are 4 very small spots, smaller than a match head. They have not grown any larger. Her hair covers them. I put a piece of  acid-free paper between the body and the dress where they are, just to make sure they won't bleed onto it. I won't try to clean them. With shipping, as to your other doll you spoke of, who knows what the conditions are in the hold of the plane. I am not sure if it is pressurized and it might be very cold causing problems. These dolls where shipped to the girl I am selling them for from Chicago by plane and had been stored since her childhood. They  made it out here just fine. Rest assured, it is mint. I will have it in a bag, but I will make some holes in it to breathe.  This is some good information for my future shipments of delicate objects such as this doll.

Thanks, xxxxx