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The Deluxe Doll House

Deluxe History
The Soft Bodied Betty the Bride Dolls
Terry Tea Party Doll
Gail, Amy, and Connie, Debbie
Little Red Riding Hood and Sweet Mary
Snow White
Hints for Cleaning
Deluxe Reading Warranty
Deluxe Brochure
Betty the Bride and Sweet Rosemary
Darling Debbie
Beautiful Gail
Variations of the Stuffed Version (my Cherokee Maid)
Black Cinderella, Betty the Bride and Sweet Rosemary
Faces of the 30 Inch Dolls
Hard Plastic Deluxe Reading Sweet Ann
Sweet Gail
Miss Blossom Doll
Nancy Nurse
The Eegee Brides and Bridesmaid
Eegee Debutant High Heeled Dolls and More
Eegee My Fair Lady Doll
The Ideal Revlon Dolls
Uneeda and other Multi-Jointed Dolls
The Gorgeous Horsman Girls
Fashion Parade Dolls and Outfits
24 Inch Deluxe Doll Displays
Other High-heeled 24 Inch Dolls
Polly Ponds Doll
More Beautiful 24 Inch Dolls
Candy Fashion Doll
Suzy Homemaker, Beauty Parlor Version
Eegee Susan Stroller and Suzanne
Impco Tina Toddler, Patty Lynn, and the Horsman Saucys
Sayco and Jolly Dolls and Arranbee's Taffy
Gail of the West, Little Miss Fashion, Suzy Smart, Beauty Parlor Dolls
Flat-foot Alexanders
Sweet Sues and Tonis
Flirty Eyed American Character Dolls
Betsy McCall
Mother and Children Sets
High Heeled Alexander
Coty Girl Doll and Aranbee Sister, Nanette
Bonnie Bride with Satin Dress
Bonnie Bride-Ruffled Dress
Royal and 14R Marked Dolls
The Grannykins Dolls
Mother of the Bride Doll
Jointed Valentine? Doll
Handy Hints
Shipping Hints from the Experienced
Just for Fun
Ideas for Display

Hi, and welcome to Kruger's Deluxe Doll House.

I don't just have the Deluxe Reading dolls, but I have so many of the high heeled fashion dolls, that like the deluxe packages found in the stores, this house is becoming deluxe also....way too much so.

My first dolls were just regular baby dolls, some with the miracle vinyl that now look like really weird kids; black skin and white heads. That miracle vinyl is a miracle if it is still in one piece. I had two, a boy and a girl, and only the girl is still in one piece. I found out from my Dad last year, that when he found the boy, he was worn-out, and went out to the dump. I about cried. I could have obtained a new body, but there is no way to replace that head.

My 22" doll, under Susan and Suzanne, is an Eegee doll. I sent in her armhooks to an appraiser, and she thought she was a generic Ideal. Time found out that wasn't the case. That's nice, but she's still just Susan.

I have an 18" Revlon, and I thought I also had a Little Miss Revlon, but lo and behold, she's a Coty; that's ok also. But my Betty the Bride probably started this. I begged for her that Christmas, and I only wanted the store display. Dad was a teacher, I don't know what strings he pulled, but she was there in all her glory on Christmas morning waiting for me. Mom said she hung on to that box until it just wasn't worth saving anymore. I can't believe she threw it away, everything else is still there!

My sister is like a lot of other little sisters. When I started working with ebay, she wanted dolls like I had when I was growing up. She said that she always wanted one like mine. Well, now she has them...all of them......!

These large girls take up a lot of room, but they are addictive. We have one of each, and a pair, and a spare, and one MIB, and one ruined, and one to fix......and get it.
These dolls are not for sale.
They are my own private collection, and along with pictures that I borrow, and have donated to my site, they are for your information only. 
Most of these dolls will show up in a doll book, as a small picture, or are entirely ignored.  The Deluxe Dolls were sold only in grocery store chains, and are not in the Christmas catalogues, like Wards, Penny's, or Sears...There are no catalogues for them, and most of their information is lost in time.
Enjoy your brouse through, and garner the information that you need to help identify your lost doll.  I'm not a doll expert, and I can't do appraisals
The value of your doll is determined by what you want to pay for her, or what somone else wants to pay for replacing a memory that they have from the past. 
I hope everyone enjoys the hours of research that I have done, and share with you.
Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.


Now isn't THAT a cute doll ?


My name is Penny, and I am the newest member of the Deluxe Doll House, even though I'm Ideal. I am here to show you through some of Mom's dolls, and explain to you what we have, and what items they originally had. If you have any questions, please be sure to write to my Mom, and she will be more than happy to talk with you.
She also has found two other people that are "hooked" on the Deluxe Dolls, in specific. She said that she will check with them and see if they want to "link" in with us.
She seems to like those with high heels the most, although we also have baby dolls and real size dolls, like myself, in the house. That way when she goes to the garage sales, and she sees all those baby clothes, she is able to pick them up and bring them home too.
You will find she has a closet with all the sizes for baby girls from 0-4. She has shoes, socks, panties, and those beautiful fancy, frilly dresses like I am wearing.
She told her girls not to buy baby stuff, she has enough, and since babies don't wear out shoes, to just let her know what size, and they can borrow them from the doll closet. Wouldn't you know it, neither of the kids have girls, just boys

I have run into problems with my broadband usage, like that means a lot to some of us, but if a lot of usage is going on at the same time, for extended periods of time, I run out of transmitting space, and the site closes down. If you find that it closes down on you, wait for a couple of hours and revisit it. Hopefully, I can get some more pictures resized so that it doesn't go down on us. I did purchase some more space, but it is still crashing on me. Hang in there, it's worth the wait.