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The Horsman Photo Album

Trunk Sets

On this page we will show off the fabulous ballerina dolls.  They have been found in various hair colors, but the most coveted is the fabulouse pink haired doll.  Shown below are several sized dolls, from a hard to find 10.5 inch ballerina, the 14" flex foot, and the pretty "Rene" Ballerina.


A "real" doll, in her original trunk set.


This picture is from General Merchandise, 1958
She comes with a plaid taffeta part dress with a smart afternoon hat.  She also has a two-piece school dress of embossed cotton with a bolero jacekt.  Included also is a net-over-taffeta full length evening gown with embroidered bodice, a bouffant skirt, and matching net stole.  A two piece lounging pajamas,  which consist of velvet slacks and bright colored jacket are in the ensemble.  A lace trimmed net negligee finishes the accessories.  Small accessories include black high heel shoes, white high heel shoes, stocking, bra and panties, with simulated pearl earrings and necklace, a hat box, two curlers and a comb and brush, with mirror set.  All is in a traveling case with handle. 
 Regular $16.00 retail value for $9.98.


These two trunk sets are from Pam for the 10.5 Horsman Cindy.


This is the 14" Cindy Ballerina in her dress that came with her. It is a blue silky type dress that has solid snaps on the back. Not the typical tiny center hole type snap Horsman usually used. 


Above is an ad from True Value for a little 10.5 inch Cindy









A cute teen-age doll with all-vinyl body .  A pert doll with a permanently rooted Saran pony-tail hairdo and long-lashed sleeping eyes.  She is in a beautiful long formal with matching stole, high heels, nylon stockings. Her wardrobe consists of a bright plaid street dress with bow-string trim, a lovely lace-trimmed nylon robe, and a 2 piece toreadore outfit, lace blouse, and velvet slacks.  She comes with jointed arms, and in a suitcase, and is 18 inches tall.  Retail $8.98. . 


16 inch doll in a formal gown with net overshkirt, lace panties, nylons and high heeled shoes.  She has superflex legs which bend to any position, sleeping eyes and rooted hair.  Comes in a suitcase and three extra outfits.


This is a sweet bride with rooted hair, and sleeping eyes.  The bride's so lovely, with a truning waist, delicatedly formed plastic body, and long tapered arms.  She has permanently rooted Saran hair, which can be washed, combed, and waved.  She is dressed in a white satin bridal gown with flocked nylon net inserts, and lace trimmed neckline.  She has a satin headpiece with a flocked net veil, high heeled shoes, nylon stockings, and taffeta panties.  Her troussseau includes her party dress of taffeta, checked taffeta princess-style frock with a perky white collar, and a lace-trimmed nylon negligee.  In her trunk, she is 18 inches tall.  Retail is $14.98.


Sweetly sophisitcated in a net formal, rhinestone earrings, necklace, a gold bag, and tucked in the trunk, are shoes, ballet slippers, and a tutu, startched lace hat, stole, dress, and robe. She has sleeping eyes, rooted hair, and a jointed waist.  20 inch doll is $13.98, 16 inch doll is $9.98.  This is from the Wards Catalogue 1958.


re is Barbara Knapp's Trunk Cindy showing off two of her outfits.  The pink gown is under Mardi Gras for a closer look with her 18 inch sister.