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The Horsman Photo Album

10.5 Inch Cindy

On this page we will show off the fabulous little 10.5 inch Horsman Cindys.  The large portion of pictures have been donated by Pam Iverson, and show part of her big "little" doll collection.  Others are added in by other members of doll clubs.  From looking at the Patikii Gibbs book on Horsman dolls, all of the smaller 10.5 inch dolls are dubbed as Traveling Cindys, and this is only a theory, but maybe because they traveled well, with the smaller owners????  All the larger dolls do not have that type of verbage, but are dubbed as adult dolls.

So until I know otherwise, all the little ones below are
"Traveling Cindys"


10 Inch Cindy Faces.  The little Cindys, like her larger sisters, also came with several faces.  The two faces here, are of my two varieties.  One is the straight legged variety, the other the bent knee variation.


Black Negligee. Pam


Gold Ballerina. Pam


Red Evening Star. Pam


Original Dress and Jacket. Pam


These two girls with the flapper dress, shown above, and the Southern Bell dress, shown below, came in from Betsy, who has more girls to add for us in their minty dresses.


Check out the larger doll and dress in the 18" version.


Bent Knee Walker Original Outfit. The Name Of Outfit? Jody


Deanna's Three Cindys--The two Cindys in the back are showing off their Mommy made dresses, one is actually a Barbie dress tailored to fit her, and the other bride dress was made by an EBay seamstress.  The dress in front came on this doll, and may be an original Horsman dress, but I don't have visual verification on it.   It has red flocking on the white background.


Gorgeous Bride. Pam


Red and Black Pant Set ( one trunk set described it as pj's ). Pam




White Chiffon Pam


Doll was sold to Robert Tonner, but pictures are complements of Chris Pfeifer.  Thanks


Original Dress and earrings. This Cindy used to be Betsy's dolly. Thank you Betsy.