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Tell Me the Difference

I see on EBay all the time, dolls that are described with one name, (Rosemary), let's say, and showing the dress for Debbie. Let me see if I can clear up some of the confusion.

I'm not an expert, but maybe this will help someone who is confused.

I find a doll with the short blue dress (Beautiful Gail), and she is being called Rosemary. Now first off, most of us know Rosemary usually wears a pink long dress with ruffles with silver-shot in it.

Here is how I figure this. Let's say you go to the grocery store and buy cold cereal. Most of you know that the cereal is made by one company, with different labels, one for the cheap cereal, and the one for the box that is going to charge you four bucks. Same stuff, different box.
That is the way a lot of these dolls are made.

Let's look at the 30" Deluxe Dolls, since I have those. You see 4-5 versions, different dresses, different names, different brandings on the back of their neck, but they are basically the same doll. This can include AE, Manco, DeLuxe Reading, and a variety of others.
If you look at the section on the doll faces, you will see they have somewhat different expressions, but the same face, even the black dolls. The bodies are all the same stuffed bodies, some with an L in the middle of their back, some with other markings on the bottom of their feet, whatever they wanted to do with that lot that was run.

Here are these seamstresses sitting in a row sewing dozens of dresses, white, blue, pink, short, long, whatever.
The dress is the name of the doll, with one exception, and that is with Betty the Bride.
Betty is exclusive, because she has no earrings. If you have a doll with no earrings, and a pink dress, she has on the wrong dress.

So, if you have a doll with Manco, AE (which are manufacturer's marks), and numbers and letter combinations, or whatever on her neck ( and I think that these are manufacturer's sku marks ) and a long silvershot pink is Sweet Rosemary, if she has on a long blue dress, with silver bows, it is Darling Debbie, if she has on a short blue dress, it is Sweet Gail, if she has on a pink dress with gold lame', it is Cinderella. If you have the doll with the white dress, and is dressed like a bride, no earrings, that is Betty the Beautiful Bride.

The dress that is on the doll, determines her name.

If you look at each doll, with their original displays, you will see why someone could get confused. Talk about sending out two dresses on one doll. She should have had her own name.
My doll with the pink dress that is just like Debbie's should have a different name, because that is the way it was done, the box is lost, I have no name. I call her the pink dressed Debbie, because I don't know it.

One thing I have noticed, they kept using the same name over and over, and thought we wouldn't notice. Now years down the road, we are all confused. Go figure.