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Here are some of my Uneeda dolls. They are fascinating with their multple joints. They would include the dollikins, and the baby dollikins. I have the little girl dollikin with the long curls, that I have not been able to find in the doll books. Maybe you can help me to name her.

We are seeking Uneeda employees to tell us about the creation of the Dollikin from the 50's and 60's If you know anyone, please have them contact us through this link.


This little gal is missing some of her plugs of hair, but as my sister says, what baby isn't missing hair at this age. A bonnet hides her lack of hair. She has a lttle mouth that is puckered as though waitng for her bottle. She is wearing a newborn t shirt and pampers and playing with a Ty cocker Click on her picture to see what she looked like brand NEW !!



She's Gorgeous until she remembers her name
This gal has no name at the present time, maybe someone knows it and can help me get it back to her. Now with all those joints, look at all the poses she can hold. She has a little girl mouth, not puckered like my baby above, and really looks like a little girl not a baby.  I've decided after having her on the site for a while, and a few dolls later, that she is probably a doll that has had a head switch.  That's just makes her more unique.


Here are three more of the beautiful Uneeda Dollikins, that I found sitting on a shelf of an old trailer at a flea market...What a find, The blonde needs rewigged, but that is for a rainy day. I was told these are three different types, the Oriental, Ballerina, and then that blonde. Don't you just love that hat I found?

Mom had the girls out sitting in a bedroom type situation. What do you think? It looks like this Mommy doll is taking care of her kids. She even has her own bed and sheets.



She used to just sit around looking cute, but one day I brought her home a scooter, and now I have a hard time finding her.  Give a teen-ager a vehicle, and where can she possibly be?  Click to see her on her scooter.


For more information on Uneeda dolls, click here.

Here is a dollikin knock-off that I recently found. I asked another friend if she could help me to identify her, and she refered me to Deluxe Reading since her numbers on her head seem to point in that direction. but she doesn't match all of those specifics for the Twixie doll. Then I tried the Manikin doll, put out by Valentine, but her head is wrong. Help.!!! If you have information on her, let me know. Her hands and feet have different joint locations that the Uneeda dolls.
I was playing with her hands and decided she had to have a butterfly. What do you think?


Shown above are some of my Uneeda Dollikins.  They are so posable they have a following all their own, as you can see if you click on their picture.  Even with a wig and a batch of props, these girls are so much fun.

The 15" girls shown below, are affectionately called the "squirts" by dollikin collectors.  They were put out in '58, and are a hard girl to find.  Shown below are the two original outfits they came in.  The one in blonde, is mine, and the brunette is Diane's.


The doll on the left went to Dr. Dollikin to get some fixing done on her, hand re-attached, foot, and neck pulled back into shape, and met her brunette sister.  Click for a closer look at the two girl's faces