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The Horsman Photo Album

Faces and Bodies of the Horsman Dolls

The Horsman glamour dolls had a variety of doll faces and body styles over the years.  Here we are showing the different variations.  Some we are finding are consistent with one style of body, and one face.  For instance.  You can recognize the body of the jointed elbow variety just by looking at the wide eyed face.  The really wide eyelashes on the Revlon-type body face, tells you which body should be with that head.  The more you look at them, the more you will recognize them.



This is the jointed knee walker doll.  You can tell it's supposed to be a walker, by the plastic button above her hip.  Pull on her and she walks forward.


Well, she had a bad hair day, and got herself a new wig, but that didn't change her beauty.  You can see the button indicating walker a bit better here.


Above, are the bodies of the big girls.


Pam sent in pictures of her little 10.5 bodies.


10 1/2" Cindy Ballerina Walker. Flat flex feet. Vinyl head marked Horsman on the back and vinyl arms. Body is plastic


14" Cindy Ballerina, Walker. Plastic Body with Made in USA on her back. Flex feet. Vinyl head marked Horsman 81 on back and vinyl arms.


Here is the head and shoulders of the most frequently found Horsman 18" glamour doll.  This one has a filled single body with no moving leg joints, but she does have ball jointed elbows.  Not that they hold a position really well, but it was a neat selling feature.  She comes in a variety of hair colors from platinum blonde, to dirty blonde, to a pretty yellow blonde and a firey red.


Here is her body.  My model has a boo boo on her leg, but it's not a big deal, she just hasn't had a spa treatment on it yet to remove it.  Her feet are tiny, and shaped for high heeled shoes, as most of us remember wearing as we walked out the door in our street slacks back then, girls.  And don't forget the hat and gloves.


15" Cindy, one piece stuffed vinyl body, high-heeled feet.


Here is the movable arm and leg, swivel waist version close-up.  Isn't she pretty, or am I just prejudiced?


This is the straight leg, swivel waist version doll.  Her arms and legs are both movable.


We have found two different types of arms and hands on the 15" Cindy dolls. The arm and hand on the left, although hard to see, is slightly thinner than the one on the right.