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The Horsman Photo Album

Peggy Ann Pre-teen

This is a beautiful Horsman Teen Doll.  She looks like a younger teen version of Horsman's Cindy Fashion Doll. She is marked Horsman 83 at the back of the head. She is approximately 17" tall, with long shiny, sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, and peachy color cheeks and lips.

Thanks to Shirley for all her pictures of the doll she sold, and the lucky gal who got her.  She  just doesn't know what a treasure she really has.


Here is a back-shot of her pretty dress and long hair.


Here is the original hang tag for this doll and will be mailed with her!  Her name is "Peggy Ann" it says she is the sub-teen doll with PERMA-CURL Miracle Rooted Hair. It also says can be Washed,  Waved, Brushed, Curled, Combed.  Made entirely of vinyl plastic, note perfection of detail in fingers, knuckles, etc. Washable, practically unbreakable. Won't crack, chip or peel. Large, sleeping eyes with long lashes. Fully jointed arms and legs. Head turns. Fine quality Garments.


Here is Peggy's face, showing the beautiful features of her family of Cindy dolls.


This pretty girl is a sleepy eyed doll, and such a pretty thing.  On her back is the number 17, and then below that it says Horsman.


Her box is in extremely poor shape. Unfortunately the doll's name is not on the box, it just says: Horsman Doll, made in U.S.A. by HORSMAN DOLLS, Inc., Trenton, NJ and also marked A18.


Here is the original Horsman box, front and side views.


Here are some other views of the dress and it's construction, and her accessories.


Her dress is a soft brown with calico print of yellow, orange and red flowers, yellow and black rickrack and lace at the collar with an attached tulle petticoat. She is also wearing black thigh high stockings and black shoes (marked 14 on bottom).


Here is a picture of her body construction, front and back.