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The Horsman Photo Album

Mom and Daughter Set 1

Here is the catalogue picture of Cindy Mom and little daughter.  I emailed the seller of this set of dolls from ebay, and Andrea gave permission to use her fantastic pictures.  There is supposed to be a small baby with this group, but like a lot of babies, they are small and wander off on their own.


Any way you look at it, they're as cute as any pair of dolls can be.



Jody said that she has one of these dresses, and it's kind of silky...I betting it's a polished cotton.


This ad says Meet The Huggable Family. The only difference I can see is the bow is plaid and on the Cindy's I have seen, it is a ribbon tie.




Here is a composition picture of all of the poses together.


And speaking of Effanbee...below is an Effanbee Fluffy, that is usually in their mother-daughter groups...are we seeing a borrowing of dolls????


17 1/2" and 15" Cindy's with the famous Horsman Plaid outfits. Note the variation? Jody