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The Horsman Photo Album

17 - 20 Inch Stuffed Vinyl Cindy

All of these Cindy dolls have the one piece stuffed vinyl body. They have high heeled feet with jointed elbows, arms and neck. Sizes are "usually" 17 1/2" tall to 19 1/2" tall.


Candy Striped dress.


Two dolls in street dresses.


19" Cindy with Tea length gown made of satin with black tulle overlay. Dried Pink roses are on the skirting. She also has her original rhinestone earrings and necklace.


19" With One Piece Dress With Horsman Card And Curlers.


17" Unusual Cindy. She is marked Horsman 83 like the larger Cindy dolls.  Her hair is styled shoulder length and flipped up.  The outfit has the typical Cindy cowl neckline and is factory made, but has regular black snaps on the back.  There are rhinestones on each shoulder and a matching hat.  Is this a Cindy original outfit, or someone elses?


Minty Bridal Gown without the accessories. 


I found this girl hiding in my doll storage bins.  This is the dress she came in? Original or not, she thinks it's hers.


Judy's 20 doll with skirt and sweater.


Shirley's eyelet dress is the Garden Party, in the catalogue section.


My courtier doll, which received a hair curl.  Long velvet sheath dress with ruffled flounce, with cowl neckline in white satin, and accented with a red rose at the neckline.


19" Marked Horsman 82. One Piece Dress With 3 Buttons On the Back.


17" With One Piece Yellow & Green Dress


19" Orange Evening Star gown.


From Pam's collection of photos.


A smaller version of this dress is in the 10.5 dolls.  Look at those bloomers, they're going to stay warm. 
Thanks to Judy for showcasing her dolls.