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The Horsman Photo Album

15 Inch Cindy

 Fashions for the 15 inch Cindy came either with 2 buttons or 2 factory snaps.
So far we have located only one body type, which is the stuffed vinyl body with non-jointed arms and marked Horsman 81.


All Original Cindy with Fitted Black Gown and Tiered Silver Dotted Tulle Overlay. The Straps, Earrings and Headband are Clear Rhinestones.


Another dress from the Cindy Trunk set which is a very typical Horsman plaid.


2-Piece Original Negligee From Trunk Set


A set of 2-piece Pj's on the left, bloomers and top. It is similar to a seersucker material with typical Horsman snaps and little flowers on the bottom and came in a Cindy trunk. It seems a newer style so we're not really sure about this one.  Also shown is a 2-piece negligee in light blue, same as yellow shown above left.


Both dresses are from a Cindy trunk and both have the Horsman snaps on the back.


Original brown cotton one piece dress from a trunk set.


School Girl dress.


When digging through my doll trunks for the 30 inch doll pictures, I pulled out these three 15 inch Horsman bride dolls, hiding away...what jewels, and so quiet...they were so "quiet".




This MIB bride doll was on EBay in a Horsman box.


Another Bride outfit with a carnation in the center. There is no headpiece just this tulle attached to the dress.  It came with a Cindy and other Cindy clothes so it is assumed to be original.  It does have Horsman buttons on the back.



Lavendar evening gown.


Tag belongs the 15" doll: Horsman's Cindy Wardrobe
All Vinyl Plastic heels, sits naturallyWashable rooted Hair